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Musicality First

Lesson books are all written to be sequential but many of them tend to rush the motor skills needed to master the range of notes. “First Songs for Band takes the approach that tone quality and musical phrasing are above all else. You will learn new musical concepts with each song and master the motor skills for the instrument’s range of notes. Students will be able to focus on musicality, tone, timing and reading because new notes are not added too quickly.  “Musicality First”. FMI offers both at school or online piano lessons.

Instructional Video Support

The approach we take is truly a musicality first approach. There is an instructional video to accompany each line in the Beginning Piano book so your learning is well supported between lessons. Here is a YouTube Link to the Videos: Click Here

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Lesson of Piano, Online Piano Lessons

Fundamental Music has a high quality faculty and every teacher has a music degree. Many have advanced degrees! With such a wealth of experience, FMI can offer you a variety of perspectives. If your teacher chooses a different beginning piano book for you, your teacher will provide information on how to get your copy. Use the instructional Videos to learn all the skills needed no matter what lesson book you have.

FMI offers both At School and Online Piano Lessons

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