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Fundamental Music is pleased to offer online music lessons to all of our current and future students!

All of the classes and resources that make our program the best are still available!
Online music lessons are some of the best ways to begin an instrument or to continue learning. Our online lesson program is open to “Virtually Everyone” and offers more support than ever!
  • You will receive 30 minute lessons in either small groups or individual settings (Your Choice)
  • There are Extra Help Sessions regular scheduled
  • Master classes given by our specialists for you to attend if you choose
  • The opportunity for Virtual Performances
Our teachers and staff have worked tirelessly to  prepare the best online lessons for:










NOTE: Students under 8 can choose from Guitar / Piano / Strings and Ukelele

FMI works with families and schools alike to create a fun and safe environment in the classroom or online.

Students can transition to in-person lessons when the time is right and if feasible or continue with online lessons as desired. Our teachers can focus entirely on things like hand position, posture,  musicality, and playing any instrument correctly. Many families have expressed that online instrument lessons are effective, and more importantly, super fun!

Online Group Classes

The sense of community that you find in an ensemble is not lost when online. All students can still participate in fun group classes and monthly performance classes. Our teachers have reported that students find these classes really fun, and allow them to teach in different ways they couldn’t before. Students are encouraged to help each other, to listen, and to communicate with one another.

This is a wonderful opportunity to stay productive, and for students to still see their friends! 

Piano Lessons

All of our piano teachers are well-equipped to help you play the piano online. Our teachers play and teach a variety of styles from classical music to pop music. Our piano faculty can show you the fundamentals of playing, how to read music, and how to express yourself all from the comfort of your home! We have some of the best piano teachers in the country, and they can’t wait to get started with you!

Guitar Lessons

Are you wondering how to start learning the guitar? Our guitar teachers have the answer! All of the guitar instructors at  Fundamental Music have experience teaching and taking lessons online. Students are able to learn everything about guitar, whether it’s playing chords,  improvising, learning simple and advanced songs, or reading music. We are able to share insightful teaching and resources all through live video lessons!

Violin/Cello Lessons

Our string instructors are more than prepared to teach students online! Teachers have all of the materials and experience needed to continue your progress playing the violin or viola. Whether it’s working on technique, learning harder pieces, or fine-tuning ones you already play, our online video lessons give you an opportunity to learn with world-class teachers!

Brass Lessons

We have some of the most talented and accomplished brass teachers on the East Coast. Weather you would like to play Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium or Tuba, Fundamental Music can match you with the finest lessons anywhere!

Woodwinds Lessons

Flute, Clarinet, Double Reeds, and various sizes of saxophones are all waiting for you to explore. Students 8 and older may enjoy a particular Woodwind instrument. Our teachers will spend the time you need to make the best choice.  We have put together a demonstration video to assist with this as well!

Drum Lessons

Many students begin with a snare or even a drum pad and sticks. This is the great way to start or maybe you have a drum set already and wish to start with that! Our teachers at Fundamental Music are ready to teach you anything from Rudimentary Percussion on Drum Set to Mallet Percussion!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While in many ways your online private lesson will be the same as a  traditional in-person lesson, there are many unique advantages to taking an online lesson. Your teacher will prepare an exciting lesson plan that takes advantage of fun music technology and online music. Your teacher will demonstrate new techniques and help you learn new pieces.  They will also share exciting new exercises and pieces to practice at home.

Your teacher will also be able to observe your at-home practice set-up and catch any potential problems that may be hindering your technique. This can dramatically improve your home practice and fast-track your progress! For younger children, a parent can sit in on the lesson so that your teacher can demonstrate fun activities that you and your child can repeat every day. This can be especially beneficial for students under the age of 7 and is a great way to bond as a family.

The main advantage of working with a live instructor in your online lessons is that your teacher can give you feedback at the moment about what you can do to get better faster. Your lessons will be personal and tailored to you or your child’s individual learning style. Your music is also selected specifically for you!  Over the course of 40 years, we have crafted a curriculum that is unlike any other and is specifically designed to be adapted to each individual student.

We use Zoom for all of our online music lessons (Teachers may be flexible in their platform use) Once you sign up you will be sent a secure Zoom link to your teacher’s virtual classroom. At the time of your lesson you can simply click on your link and connect using the Zoom app. Your teacher will be waiting for you and ready to start your lesson! Our administrative staff is available to walk you through every step of the process and ensure you have the best lesson experience.

For the best results, we recommend that you download the Zoom app onto your computer, tablet, or phone. The app is completely free and easy to install. If you are using a laptop or a desktop computer you can run  Zoom on your internet browser without downloading the app.

We have links to reputable instrument suppliers on our website. For Woodwind, Brass, Drums, Violin, and Cello, these are generally Rental Instruments. For Guitar and Piano (Keyboard) they are low-cost purchases.

Students ages 6 to adult can get hands-on experience with their instrument right away. If you do not already have an instrument at home we can work with you to arrange delivery of an instrument at a reasonable rental rate. Students can expect to learn about beat, rhythm,  melody, and pitch. Students will also learn how to play fun songs and games on their instruments.

Yes!  Our instructors have collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind online curriculum that works for all ages and learning styles. We have had many successful online lessons with children as young as 6 years old! Online music classes are fun,  interactive, and grounded in the principles of early childhood education. And because lessons are further customized based on the individual learner, we believe we provide something valuable for every child.

Just like with regular in-person lessons parents are always welcome to sit in on their child’s lesson, however, it is not necessary. For children under the age of seven we encourage parents to be present for at least the first couple of lessons to help facilitate the lesson. Every child is unique so we encourage you to discuss the appropriate amount of parent involvement for your child with your instructor.

We are happy to help you schedule additional lessons! We know it can be tough to keep children engaged in productive activities while stuck at home, and music-making is an excellent way to boost spirits. Additional online music lessons for adults can also be an excellent creative outlet during the quarantine. Please use our convenient online form to schedule additional sessions.

It is, of course, impossible to predict how long the current public health crisis will last. Fundamental Music will follow the NJ mandates regarding closures. When the time comes to transition back into the in-person lesson we will work with each student to ensure that your transition is smooth and easy.  

Fundamental Music is September Ready!

Here’s How to Enroll!

  • Fill Out the Sign Up Form

    Thank you for your interest in signing up for our classes and resource materials!

    Please enroll your child by using our Online Enrollment Form.

  • Visit the Parent/Student Portal

    Once your form is completed and the purchase is confirmed, your child is officially enrolled! 

    Welcome to the family!  We recommend you log in to your Parent Portal and explore our repertoire, pay your tuition, stay up to date on new FMI events, and much more!

  • Rent/Purchase Instrument

    If you haven’t already purchased your child’s instrument, we have partnered with several local vendors in the area that we believe best fit your rental instrument needs!