Piano Class

Students need instruments and supplies when taking music lessons. This page will help you understand the process.

Dealer Recommendations

You do not have to buy an instrument when starting lessons. Fundamental Music recommends that you rent one from a reputable dealer (usually a local music store). A list of stores in your area is available on this site, and will be given out by your teacher.

Guitar and Piano students should purchase a good starter instrument. On the rental page, we include links to inexpensive, begging Guitars and Pianos.

Rental Forms

There are rental forms are available on this site. If you choose find your own, please use a source that offers quality instruments  Renting Instruments because this will have an overall impact on a students ability to perform. If you are not sure, call or e-mail your teacher for advice.

Student Responsibility

Your child must bring the instrument to school on his/her lesson day and must remember to bring it home the same day. Do not leave the instrument at school.  Do not store books or music stand in the instrument case because this may damage the instrument.

Instruments should be kept in their cases unless they are being played. Repairs can be costly – we strongly advise that you never leave the instrument unattended on the floor or a chair.

Instrument Care
Your child will be taught how to clean the instrument after each use. Most instruments come with some simple care instructions or special swabs or cloths.

Instrument Supplies

Be sure your child has an adequate supply of reeds or oil and a soft cloth in the case. Violinists will need Rosin.

Instrument Safety
For sanitary and safety reasons, instruments should never be played by anyone except the student who owns or rents that instrument. If you have a problem with your instrument, do not try to fix it yourself! Check with your child’s teacher or call your rental dealer as soon as possible.

Instrument Accessories and Literature

In addition to the instrument, reeds (clarinets and saxophones)  valve oil (brass players) and Rosin (violinists), students will need a fold-able wire music stand and a lesson book. These can all be purchased at any music store. For Beginners and 2nd-year players we will use First Songs for Band, Supplementary Workbook and the Intermediate Book all available on this site.

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