During these trying times, live online music courses are some of the best ways to continue learning. Our teachers and staff have worked tirelessly to prepare the best online lessons possible.

“Keep the Music Going”

Online Lesson Program Sponsored by Fundamental Music Instruction

  • Virtual Platforms

    Use your favorite Online Platform for online music courses (or the platform suggested by the teacher).

    You can choose between Individual or Group classes. Each session will be targeted to the specific needs of the student.

  • Virtual Practice

    You may be asked to send samples of your practice sessions for your teacher to evaluate.  This will assist in preparing for your next class.  Your teacher will then be able to prepare the best instruction for your next session.

    If you have the capability, having a separate device to play assigned backing tracks may help make sessions creative.

  • Keep the Music Going...

    If you are a student at one of our “In School Programs”

    Transition to “In-Person” lessons when restrictions ease or continue with Online Lessons, either way, will absolutely assist in

    “Keeping the Music Going.”


    Virtual lessons will also be available ongoing

  • Additional Information

    Online lessons will continue to be offered as a supplement to our program.  In addition, you will be invited to use our “My Music Staff” site for more music resources and details of your assignments, attendance, and tuition.

    These lessons are “Virtually for Everyone” If you are a parent who regrets stopping your lessons as a child – now is a great time to rekindle your interest – consider learning alongside your child or as a separate class for yourself.

  • Benefits of Online Lessons

    The biggest benefit of Online Lessons is the added support for student learning.

    Covered with our “Basic Tuition” rate of 9 payments of $69.00:

    • minimum of 30 small group lessons, (At regularly scheduled times)
    • “Extra Help Office Hours” Students are welcome to attend extra help sessions throughout the school year (Scheduled by your teacher)
    • Our Practice program – Receive support for practice between classes. Students are encouraged to submit a recording of their song(s) for added feedback
    • Virtual Performances. Students have the opportunity to share thier progress on our “Talent Showcases” (Regularly scheduled throughout the year)


    If you prefer to participate in Individual sessions instead of small groups, the tuition will be 9 payments of 125.00.  (This will also include 30 Individual Sessions, “Extra Help Office Hours”, The Practice Program and Virtual Performances)


    Students receive Discounts if you choose to make 1 annual payment instead of 9 payments.      

    1 Annual payment for small group classes will be $545.00 ($85 Discount)  Take an additional $50 off until August 31st. 

    1 Annual payment for Individual will be $945    ($190 Discount) Take an additional $50 off until August 31st.

  • Still Need More Info?

    Sometimes more info is need before making a commitment to something new. If you would like to see some more information,

    visit the “How to Enroll in Online Lessons” Page. If you are ready use the link below