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Is your child interested in taking music lessons? Did you play an instrument as a child and want to learn again? Read our blogs to find out more about featured instruments, at school music classes, online music lessons, and best tips to succeed. Not sure what instrument to start with?  Why not schedule a complimentary online lesson to see what you like?  

How to Play Trumpet – Things you will learn in your first few lessons

All trumpet sounds happen through vibration. The source of this vibration for all brass instruments is your lips. The goal will be a full, rich sound by learning to vibrate your lips with a clear, comfortable tone. Forming your mouth muscles so they can produce a tone will do more to help you learn how to play trumpet than any other skill you will develop.

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Honor Band at Washington DC

Instruments are for any age

Instruments are for every age Are you looking for virtual music lessons? Learning to play an instrument is for any age. One of the most frequent comments I get from

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