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Musicality First

Lesson books are all written to be sequential but many of them tend to rush the motor skills needed to master the range of notes. “First Songs for Band takes the approach that tone quality and musical phrasing are above all else. You will learn new musical concepts with each song and master the motor skills for the instrument’s range of notes. Students will be able to focus on musicality, tone, timing and reading because new notes are not added too quickly.  “Musicality First”. FMI offers both at school or online flute lessons.

Instructional Video Support

The approach we take is truly a musicality first approach. There is an instructional video to accompany each line in the Beginning Flute book so your learning is well supported between lessons. Here is a YouTube Link to the Videos: (Instructional Videos for Flute)

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The flute is one of the most popular instruments in the band. It has a beautiful mellow tone and is a melody instrument. It is also the highest-pitched instrument in the band. The flute isn’t hard to learn, but like all the instruments, it just takes some practice. When learning the flute, knowing about the anatomy of the instrument is crucial. Students become familiarized with each part of their instrument during online flute lessons. 

If you are interested in learning the flute and have been researching flute music lessons, Fundamental Music Instruction offers several class types, including online flute lessons for the convenience and safety of our students. Continue reading this blog to learn more about playing the flute, (Getting your First Sound)For more helpful tips and information about the flute and other instruments, students can learn to play at Fundamental Music Instruction, check out all of our blogs (FMI Blog Page).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at, call us at 908-244-4943, or contact usRead more about a wide variety of instruments, the talented instructors at FMI, and expert tips on succeeding in music classes online (Fundamental Music Instruction). Check us out on social media to see what Fundamental Music Instruction is up to. Visit us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and more. We can’t wait to fill your world with music with our valuable music lessons online.

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