Children's Music Programs

We pride ourselves in focusing on the fundamentals of music instruction. With these vital building blocks, our students flourish in and out of the classroom.

Student Assessment Evaluation Protocol for our Children’s Music Programs

  • Progress Reports

    Please feel free to check with your teacher regarding progress. You should hear small improvements steadily and your student’s teacher will be happy to discuss expectations with you. Remember, our philosophy is based on musicality. From the start, songs should have a pleasing “conversational” tone and a sense of timing.

  • Development Anaylsis

    Musical development is a cumulative process, and some skills take longer than others to progress during the children’s music programs. With dedicated practice and study, these important  skills will benefit not only the child’s academic growth, but their personal growth as well.

  • Teacher Feedback

    If you have questions or need more feedback regarding your student’s progress, please call or e-mail for an appointment with the teacher.  They are more than willing to help you and your child. take a moment to view this fascinating presentation on the effects of practice on the human brain “How to Practice Effectively”

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