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Mr. Ed Kelly, Director of Fundamental Music Instruction

Our Tuition Plans Are Simple and Affordable



♪. Minimum of 30 small group lessons, (either Online or at school)

“Online Extra Help Office Hours” throughout the school year (Scheduled by your teacher)

Our Practice Program – students are encouraged to submit a recording of their song(s) for feedback from your teacher

 Virtual Performances. We will offer regular opportunities to share your progress on our “Talent Showcases” (In person performances will resume when conditions allow)

“ONLINE INDIVIDUAL CLASS TUITION” If you prefer to participate in Individual sessions instead of small groups, the tuition will be 9 payments of 125.00.  (This also includes everything from the Basic Tuition Option).*

*(Discounts for additional students taking Online Individual Lessons – 9 payments of $100.00)



Annual payment for small group classes will be $545.00 ($85 Discount)

Annual payment for Individual will be $945    ($190 Discount)*

*(Annual payment for additional students taking Individual Lesson will be $885 – $250. Discount)

*Also Please note: Tuition is for lessons and band only – it does not cover the cost of a rental instrument.


For More Information, Please Select Your School’s Band Page.



Instrumental music classes are not subsidized in any way by the school. We are required to charge tuition to sustain the program. This will cover a minimum of 30 lessons throughout the school year (We use 30 lessons as a target in order to account for weeks in the year that is canceled for – teacher illness, snow days, half days and holidays)
• Tuition is for teaching services only
• Instruments can be purchased or rented (Information on the program’s website)
• Should there be a need to cancel your program, unused tuition will be refunded (calculated from the date the administrator is notified by a parent – Note Deadline for canceling full year tuition is February 15th. After this date, full-year payments can not be prorated)

The Basic Tuition is for Small Group Lessons (Either at School or Online) 9 Installments of $69. A discount of $13 per installment is used for the 2nd student and there is no charge for the 3rd student (per family)
A further savings of $85 is included should you choose to send just 1 full year payment. ($545 discounted total for Classes)
2 Or more students receive an additional $190 savings for 1 full year payment ($945 discounted total for Classes)

Online Individual Lesson Tuition is 9 Installments of $125. If you prefer to send just 1 payment, you will save $190 ($945 discounted total for Classes)


Tuition for Small Group Lessons (Either at School or Online) or Online Individual Lessons in 9 installments

*Note – each additional student is (9 x $100 USD/month)

Tuition is based on 30 sessions per school year.  This is not a monthly payment.  Rather, this is tuition for 30 sessions split over  9 installments. 

Discounted Tuition Small Group Lessons (Either At School or Online)  Annual Payment

Online Individual Lessons – Discounted Tuition ($945 USD)

Each Additional Student for Online Individual Lesson – Discounted Tuition ($885 USD)

Please note:
• Tuition in 9 installments is not for 9 even months – (it covers 30 lessons divided over the course of the school year).
• Choosing 1 full year payment is discounted (85.00 for 1 student and 190.00 for 2 or more)
• Discounts are built-in for the 2nd student or more students.
• There are brand new Lesson books this year – if your child has been playing for more than 2 years, Band music will be provided instead of a lesson book.

Late Enrollment:

FMI prorates tuition for the remaining classes.  For example, if you sign up for 23 classes, your tuition will be based on that number of classes.

Musical Instruments:

Signing up for a particular instrument does not lock you into that choice. Students will be given an opportunity to switch to another instrument.

Jane M.

4th Grade Parent at Reverend Brown School

Mr. Kelly is very helpful and patient.  He’s a wonderful person who’s sole focus is the student and their expereince in learning music.  This program is delightful!

Joey G.

10th Grade Parent at St. John Vianny

The instructors are so caring and loving.  My daughter is lucky to have such wonderful people supporting her in her  studies.