Lessons and Band (What we Offer)

We Pride Ourselves In Focusing On The Fundamentals Of Music Instruction. With These Vital Building Blocks, Our Students Flourish In And Out Of The Classroom. Therefore, We Tailor Our Lessons And Band Practices To The Needs Of Our Students And The Schools We Serve.

 – Jane M.

Here is What Our Program Offers

Group Lessons

Once a week, students will be given a 30 minute small group class. Many schools offer these sessions during regular school hours while others offer classes after school. Most After-school programs offer Semi-Private classes later in the afternoon – these sessions are open to 2 students per class. For added flexibility, all students will have the option to take classes Online. In addition, families may choose to take Individual (Private) lessons Online. Scheduling online private classes can supplement small group classes or can be your ongoing class choice. VisitFrequently asked Questions

How We Group Our Students (At School)

Beginners are grouped by like instruments. Intermediate and Advanced students may be grouped in ensembles of different instruments based on their ability.

Our Jr. Jam Program is open to grades 1 and 2. These classes are designed for young players. Instruments taught to each student; Piano, Ukulele, and Drums.

Students grades 3 and older may take Piano, Guitar, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Drums, or Bass Guitar.


Students receive a band rehearsal either before or after school. (when they are qualified)


Each year, students are chosen from our program schools to participate in our “Award Winning Honor Ban”. This special ensemble has won 28 Superior and Outstanding level awards at Adjudicated Music Festivals. In addition, it has performed in exciting venues such as; Washington DC, NYC, Hershey Park, Dorney Park, Williamsburg Va., and Disney World.


The scheduling format varies at each school. The national Gold Standard for instrumental music is a lesson schedule during the school day. However, FMI recognizes the pressures placed on schools, teachers, students and parents and for this reason, we sometimes offer a Hybrid schedule. A Hybrid schedule uses Daytime lessons with an option for after school class.

Schools that follow the national standard and hold Music lessons during the school day use a “Rotating Lesson Schedule” to ensure no single time slot is repeated more than once every 8-10 weeks. This way, there is minimal impact on class schedules. Each school schedules Band rehearsals as needed.


Additional teachers are sent when classes are scheduled after-school. Because we do this, students receive the same quality of education after school as they receive in our daytime program. Daytime classes are the National standard for lessons and band , but we understand the difficulties this presents. For this reason, there are schools that request an after school program and when this happens, we design the best schedule possible to meet the needs of the school.


There will be times when other activities conflict with after school classes. Sports, drama, stem classes, dance, karate all compete for your child’s time. For this reason, lessons can be scheduled online. In this way, classes can be scheduled any day and at most times. There are several faculty members standing by to teach your child so we can come very close to your first choice of day and time.

Please consult our list of schools to know if you can take classes 1. During the school Day 2. Hybrid Daytime and After school or 3. After School Only

We will work very hard to accommodate your particular scheduling needs