Student assessment is an important part of your child's musical journey

FMI focuses on the fundamentals of music instruction. With these vital building blocks, our students flourish in and out of the classroom.

Assessment is both formal and informal.

Assessment through “Lesson Notes”

Please feel free to check with your teacher regarding progress. You should hear small improvements steadily and your child’s teacher will be happy to discuss expectations with you. Remember, our philosophy is based on musicality. From the start, songs should have a pleasing “conversational” tone with a sense of timing.

In addition, teachers detail student progress through our MyMusicStaff “Lesson Notes” feature.

Development Analysis – assessment through growth

Musical Development is a cumulative process and some skills take longer than others to improve. With dedicated practice and study, these important skills will benefit not only the student’s academic growth, but their personal growth as well. For this reason,  assessment is seen through steady growth in musicianship.

Assessment through communication

Communication with your teacher is helpful in assessing the progress of your child. Above all,  you should feel free to ask questions and seek feedback regarding your student’s progress. Please call or email for an appointment with your teacher. They are more than willing to help you and your child. Please take a moment to view this fascinating presentation on the effects of practice on the human brain “How to Practice Effectively”

Practice Incentive Program – Assessment through feedback.

Each year we sponsor a practice program. To participate, students will record a piece or technique they are working on and receive a raffle ticket toward some very exciting prizes. We have awarded iPads, Switch consoles and various Gift Cards. In addition, each recording receives feedback from the teacher with suggestions for improvement and for future pieces and techniques to work on. There is no limit to the amount of tickets a students can receive.

Assessment through Performance.

First-year students have the opportunity to play in a full-band ensemble group at the end of the school year. A letter will go home to parents with the date and time of the performance.

Students who are continuing from the previous year, typically perform both a holiday concert in December and in the performance at the end of the year.

Students will have several full-group rehearsals prior to their performances. In addition, students who are ready will be invited to participate in our award winning Honor Band. This ensemble performs at exciting venues such as Washington DC, NYC, Hershey Park, Dorney Park, Six Flags and Disney World.

We are more than just concerts….

Honor Band Concert at Disney


Our Award Winning Honor Band has received 28 Superior Ratings at Music Festivals and performed music programs at Hershey, Dorney, 6 Flags, NYC, Washington DC, Bush Gardens and Williamsburg Va.