Fundamental Music Instruction has low music lesson prices!

We maintain the highest quality faculty and the most comprehensive program anywhere!

All FMI teachers have degrees and licenses. In addition, many teachers have advanced degrees including doctorate degrees.

Group Lessons

We offer classes in select schools and online!

Throughout the school year, FMI teaches small group classes for 30 minutes. Classes occur once a week. At most schools, the schedule is during the school day. However, a few schools prefer after-school programs and when this happens, we send additional teachers to ensure all students receive a quality class.

We also offer classes Online. Many parents prefer online classes because there is more flexibility. In addition, students may choose Individual (Private) lessons Online. Private classes online can be a supplement to small group classes or your regular class schedule.  Visit: Frequently asked Questions

How We Group Our Students (At School)

We tailor our program to fit the individual needs of our students.

Beginners are grouped by instruments, age, and ability while Intermediate and Advanced students are placed in ensembles. We tailor our program to fit the individual needs of our students.

1st and 2nd graders may take our Genesis Program because this program is designed for young players. In this class, students may take Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, and Violin. (Information is available on your school’s enrollment page and all instruments are available online.)


All students participate in school concerts

All students participate in school concerts, online “Talent Showcases” and school assemblies. Select intermediate and advanced students also perform in our award-winning Honor Band. (This special band travels to exciting concert venues including Disney, Washington DC, NYC, Dorney Park, and Hershey Park)

Student Assessments

How we track progress

We use “MyMusicStaff” to track attendance, schedules, lesson assignments, notes about each lesson and more. After you enroll,  “MyMusicStaff”  sends a login invitation and you can set your own password. Periodically, teachers will provide an assessment form for each student. In addition, Feel free to Email your teacher with questions or for feedback regarding your student’s progress. More about MyMusicStaff.

Tuition Policy

Our policies are convenient for both the teacher and student!

We ask parents to provide 24 hours notice before canceling a lesson. Students will be given a makeup credit when we receive proper notice. Makeup credits lower the next invoice or allow students to have their class another time. Without notice, lessons will not be credited because the teacher will need to be paid.

To withdraw from the program, FMI policy requires notice from a parent. This notice must be given directly to Mr. Kelly. This must come from a parent. Classes can not be canceled by a student.


Music Lesson Prices are extremely simple

We pride ourselves in ensuring the enrollment process is simple.

  • For example, tuition for Small Group Lessons is 9 payments of $74. FMI offers a discount for making one payment covering 30 lessons. $595. Families will also receive a discount – 9 Payments of $130 and a prepayment discount of $995
  • Private Music Lessons are $30 per session, Billed Monthly in advance of lessons.
  • Visit the FAQ page for more details on enrollment and music lesson prices.  Please note: Tuition is for lessons and band only and does not cover the cost of an instrument.
  • FMI offers a convenient IPP (Instrument Purchase Plan) in which you will fully own your instrument in under a year – no financing or interest costs!

Instruments & Supplies

A quality instrument helps a student succeed

For this reason, Fundamental Music provides high-quality instruments that you can own in under a year. Payments range from $18 to $38 depending on your choice of instrument. There are no interest or finance fees and you will have a return option. Rental / Purchase Info Page Click here.

Having the instrument in class

Students need their instruments for class each week

Students need their instruments for class each week and will then bring them home again after class. Do not leave an instrument at school overnight. Also, books or music stands in the instrument case may cause damage to the instrument so please do not put anything except the instrument in the case.

Tuning string instruments is a unique problem for Online students. Periodically, online students will be asked to have their instruments tuned at a music store. If an online student attends a school that we teach in, they may bring the instrument to school once a week for tuning. In addition, we will also offer webinars on tuning at home.

Repairs are costly so instruments should never be left on a chair, on the floor, or unattended. Keep instruments in their cases until they are played.

Students will be taught to clean their instruments after each use. Most instruments come with simple care instructions or special swabs or cloths.

Reeds, Oils, & Rosin

Your instruments need care to learn efficiently

Clarinets and saxophones use reeds often. Please order an adequate supply for class. Also, trumpets and trombones use oil for the valves and slides.

For sanitary and safety reasons, instruments should never be played by anyone except the student who owns or rents that instrument.

Repairs are done by the rental store. Please don’t fix it yourself. Instead, check with your child’s teacher or call your rental dealer as soon as possible.

Students need a foldable wire music stand. These can be purchased at any music store or ordered on sites like Amazon or Musician’s Friend. (Piano students do not need this)

Lesson Books & Instructional Videos

We have our own line of education materials

Fundamental Music Instruction uses lesson books from the series “First Songs for Band” by Ed Kelly.  “First Songs for Band” takes you from the very beginning through intermediate playing. Since each line is sequential, a new technique will be introduced in most songs. In this way, students play several songs within each section to have ample opportunity for review before moving to the next section.

Visit our Lesson Book Page to Print  a Copy

Instructional Videos

An instructional video comes with each book!

In addition, an instructional video is available for every line and song within each book. Use this link to access the videos via YouTube

Anyone can learn how to play an instrument! Visit us (Instrument Demonstration) to watch an instrumental demonstration with the instruments available for music lessons with FMI.