FMI Is A Leader In The Music Education Field – Due To Our Wonderful Students, Parents And Dedicated Faculty. Without These Important People, We Would Not Be Where We Are Today. We Are Humbled And Honored To Serve You And Your Child Toward A Successful School Year.

-Mr. Kelly

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Our Tuition Plans Are Simple and Affordable

(prepayment and family discounts available)

♪. Minimum of 28 small group lessons

♪. Savings offered for 1 payment covering 28 classes

♪ Our Practice Program – students are encouraged to submit a recording of their song(s) for feedback from your teacher and the opportunity to win several exciting prizes.

 At- School Concerts. All students are invited to perform at school programs and when ready, will be invited to perform with our award winning Honor Band.

 Our Award Winning Honor Band. This invitation only ensemble has been awarded 28 Superior Ratings at adjudicated music festivals and has performed concerts in Disney World, Hershey Park, Dorney Park, Virginia, NYC and Washington DC

*Also Please note: Tuition is for lessons and band only – it does not cover the cost of a rental instrument

Adult music education and children’s music classes Online.

Fundamental Music Instruction offers adult music education classes and children’s music classes online. We offer music lessons online with the convenience of scheduling most days and times. Private classes are the suggested format but small group lessons can be arranged for adult and child music classes.

If your child is learning how to play an instrument with FMI, and as a parent, you may also learn how to play – please contact us about learning an instrument alongside your child during their music classes. Children and adult music classes are available to help anyone, at any age, learn how to play a musical instrument. Learn more about the instruments you can learn to play (Instrument Demonstration). Read our blogs about a wide variety of instruments, the talented instructors at FMI, and expert tips on succeeding in music classes online (FMI Blog Page).

Click Here For More Information about Online Classes for Adults or Kids

Please Note: (School programs)

♪ Instrumental music education is not subsidized in any way by the school. We are required to charge tuition to sustain the program.

♪ Classes are billed monthly (in advance of the upcoming month)

♪ Discounted tuition will cover a 28 lessons throughout the school year (We use 28 lessons as a target in order to account for weeks in the year that is canceled for – teacher illness, snow days, half days and holidays)

♪ Billing is based on the lessons scheduled and given by the teacher. We can not make up individual classes missed by students (Often we can provide extra time at recess or time that designated for make up class – many schools that have daytime classes can do this. We can not make up after school classes)

♪ Students may book an online private class if necessary (Please understand that we have to pay the teacher so the supplementary class will have an extra fee)

♪ We use a program “”  Parents have access to student accounts, attendance, lesson notes, scheduling and our music library.


♪ Tuition is for teaching services only

♪ Instruments can be purchased or rented (FMI offers many instruments for easy purchase with no interest, service fees and you own the instrument in a fraction of the time as compared to a traditional music store)

♪ After 4 payments – Should there be a need to cancel your program, unused tuition will be refunded (calculated from the date the administrator is notified by a parent)

Note: The deadline for canceling full year tuition is February 15th.

After this date, full-year payments can not be prorated