is the
language of the soul.

As a music student, you are embracing the miraculous process of self-expression through the powerful medium of music.  It’s not like an algebra class, it’s more like a journey.  You will get to adventure as far as you want, discovering new musical expressions during your music lesson.  We are so glad you are on this musical journey with us!

Our GIFTED Students

musical notes by amazing fmi students

A Music lesson For everyone

Fundamental Music Instruction is for everyone! No matter your age, where you live, or what instrument you are interested in playing – there is something for everyone to learn! Learning an instrument has outstanding benefits and is a joyful experience. Fundamental Music Instruction can help you on your journey as a musician, choosing the right instrument, and even signing up for a free music lesson to get started! Learn more about the outstanding ways a music lesson can improve your life and even the lives around you. Music can make so many people happy, and Fundamental Music Instruction is here to help spread the happiness. 

There’s nothing quite like the sense of pride that comes from building a new skill for an extended period…especially when the result is beautiful music and then sharing that new skill in performance. Anyone can gain confidence as they begin to learn and perform music.

Online Music Class
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