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Since 1979 we have helped thousands of students begin and continue on their musical journey. Fundamental Music Instruction began as Future Musicians and has been teaching instrumental music lessons in a great many private and public schools.  When you begin researching “Music Lessons Near Me” we know what you are looking for is the best music teachers and the most convenient schedule at the most affordable cost.

A Class for Everyone

All of our music teachers have a degree in music and music education. Many have advanced degrees and a few have doctoral degrees. Our music classes can be scheduled at one of our select school programs, during the school day and in many cases, after school. We are excited to offer classes online as well making scheduling even easier. Now we offer classes at select schools and online! At FMI we understand the pressures on everyone’s schedule. So many things pull at our time that making a commitment to a set schedule can often become difficult. Private lessons online are flexible and are available 6 days per week.

Fundamental Music exceeds the 3 requirements most people look for in the best music class: 

Great teachers, Flexible scheduling and affordable cost.

We are happy to design a program for you, your children and your school!

(Some of our students having fun at our concert in Washingtone DC)

Honor Band

Getting started is easy! 

Check to see if your school is on our list. Online Music lessons are also available

Need flexible scheduling or your school not on our list?

Try Online Music Lessons

(Anyone, Anywhere ages 6 to Adult)

Online Music lessons  offer the ability to learn an instrument or take voice lessons from the comfort of your home!

Choose your best day and time

Very flexible schedule!

Online classes are for Students of all ages – “anyone, anywhere” ages 6 to Adult.

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A Class for everyone!

music lessons at school or online
14 different instruments or voice

Music Classes at Select Schools

Music lessons are a vital part of the educational experience in our schools. Students from grades 1 and older are encouraged to sign up for instrumental music classes. Group lessons are scheduled by age, instrument and experience. Students take weekly lessons for 30 minutes each week and band rehearsals are scheduled regularly. 

Instruments for Grades 1 &2

Students in grades 1 &2 can learn an instrument too! Many of our schools offer 1 or more of these instruments to grades 1 &2 Students learn Violin, Piano or Guitar. (These instruments will be easiest for young students to handle).

Instruments for Grades 3 and Older

Beginning in grade 3 and older, students may continue to learn the instrument started in grades 1 &2 but may also  branch out and play Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone Drums, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Bass Guitar or Piano

We do offer voice lesson – (currently these are Online Only)

Concerts and Performances

There will be several performance opportunities as well. We will have concerts at school and all students will be invited to perform in our extremely popular “Talent Showcases.” -and- (when ready), students will be selected to perform with our award winning Honors Band in such places as Disney, Hershey, Washington DC………

Classes Online via Zoom

We recognize that in today’s fast-paced world, it is difficult to comfortably participate in all the programs we want. Pressures on families schedules are often daunting. Students in school may feel overwhelmed with their class load but may still want to take music lessons. We make it easy – no stress!

Flexible Scheduling

For this reason, Fundamental Music has created an Online Music lesson program. The biggest benefit to this will be the flexibility in scheduling. Private music lessons are available 6 days per week, and we will be able to come very close to the best day and time for you.

You can take Online lessons on any instrument and can even take voice.

Music Classes Online will primarily be private lessons (1 student and 1 teacher).  If you request a small group lessons, we will do all we can to pair you with student(s) of similar age and experience. Certainly we can create a small group lesson for you with your friends.


There will be performance opportunities as well. If you attend one of our schools, Online students will be invited to perform on the school concerts. All students will also be invited to perform in our extremely popular “Talent Showcases.” Of course when ready, with our award winning Honors Band in such places as Disney, Hershey, Washington DC………

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Fundamental Music



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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

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experienced music teacher

Mr. Ed Kelly

Mr. Kelly has 40 years of experience as a music educator with undergraduate and post graduate studies in music performance and music education.
experienced music teacher

Mr. Brian Franca

Mr. Franca is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. He holds a degree in professional music and an instructional certificate (music k-12) in New Jersey.

experienced music teacher

Mr. Della Pello

Mr. Della Pello is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with a Degree in Professional Music. He is an Asbury Park based Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer.


How to Play Trumpet – Things you will learn in your first few lessons

All trumpet sounds happen through vibration. The source of this vibration for all brass instruments is your lips. The goal will be a full, rich sound by learning to vibrate your lips with a clear, comfortable tone. Forming your mouth muscles so they can produce a tone will do more to help you learn how to play trumpet than any other skill you will develop.

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Honor Band at Washington DC

Instruments are for any age

Instruments are for every age Are you looking for virtual music lessons? Learning to play an instrument is for any age. One of the most frequent comments I get from

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