We offer music lessons for individuals of just about every age and skill level. Classes are available at select schools or online.

Program Information

Music is fundamental to a well-rounded education. FMI has been providing instrumental music programs to individuals and to schools of all types for more than 40 years. We tailor our program to each community we serve. In today's diverse societal needs, FMI dedicates itself to providing the highest quality education in every setting.

The FMI faculty consists of professional music educators. Our talented staff all have degrees from top music schools. Many of our teachers have Masters Degrees and several have Doctoral Degrees.

The Benefits of Playing Music

No matter how old you are, music lessons reap tremendous benefits! For every age level, scientists have discovered that playing music creates happiness. Really! The brain releases dopamine, a feel good chemical. It can push back depression, frustration, and anxiety. Who doesn’t want that? Playing music can reduce the risks of dementia, and improve cognitive functioning in older adults.

For children, scientific research illustrates how music lessons increase children’s IQ’s!
Wondering what instruments you can learn through Fundamental Music Instruction programs? There is something for everyone to love! We offer flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, piano, drums, cello and violin.

Not sure what instrument to start with? Why not schedule your first lesson at school and learn more about each instrument? Not a student at one of our schools or prefer lessons off school time? Schedule an online lesson to to get started.

*Note: If Online, parents may wish to learn along with young students*

Musical Instruments

Click on an instrument for some general information and sample Lesson Support Video, (We also teach Ukulele, Cello, Voice and Music Technology)

Below are instruments available for grades 3 + Older

Instruments and Accessories

Introducing our new Instrument Purchase Plan and own a quality instrument in 9-18 payments! Our Online Shop Page is your 1 stop store for all your musical needs.

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Paula Thomas

As an artist, bring able to produce my own music and develop my own sound gives me greater creative control. This music course has given me the knowledge and confidence to begin building my own productions. It has given me valuable tips that I believe many seasoned Logic producers would not be aware of!

Paula Thomas / Alumnus
Tracy Evans

As someone with a teaching background, I was impressed with the course structure and how well it was planned. The tutors really care about giving you as much information as they can, generously imparting tricks & tips, and sharing their experience and knowledge.

Tracy Evans / Alumnus
Geoffrey Jones

I learned so much and find now that I work in a kind of optimized way. I save so much time when I work on music by getting what I want more quickly. I know now just what to do to improve a song with production. There's so much more scope now, so many more options than I had before.

Geoffrey Jones / Alumnus