We offer  violin and Cello lessons from beginning to advanced at select schools (Online classes are also available). Our At-school classes are taught in small groups (usually 3-4 students per group) If you prefer a smaller setting a semi-private class can be scheduled (2 students per class – “Limited availability”). Online lessons are taught as private, one-on-one music instruction and are available in lengths of 30, 45, and 60 minutes.


Because of the sizing opportunities for Violin and Cello, beginning violin lessons and Cello lessons can be managed as young as Kindergarten (Available at select schools – other schools begin in grades 1 or 2).       We use a “Musicality First” approach to teaching so students can master the basics of music reading but focus on bowing, tone quality, musical timing, and style. Intermediate and advanced students focus on improving repertoire and technique, including bow control and position, posture, tone quality,  and articulation.

Our Teachers

Our focus is on musicality first and foremost. Students are able to feel the joy and artistry of musical phrasing and expression right from the start. At FMI we know that tone production and musical expression are what students will carry with them forever. Theory is important and will be large part of the program but nothing can replace the feel of playing in a pleasing conversational manner.

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Proven Methods

Our Lesson Book Method “First Songs for Band” comes from years of experience in structuring lessons so that a student will succeed in grasping musical concepts and perform with a strong foundation. “First Songs for Band” focuses on our musicality first approach. Each book interacts with other books in the series so that ensemble playing becomes a natural step for the student.

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Happy Students

One of the best ways to see the results of lessons is in the performance. We have participated in 27 adjudicated music festivals in such places as Disney World, Hershey Pa, Williamsburg Va and Six Flags NJ and our performances have consistently been awarded a Superior rating – 27 out of 27 times! All students have the opportunity to perform weather its at a school concert, in our Honors Program or at one of our hugely popular talent showcases (online)

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We’ve created an instructional video to support every line in beginning Violin book Series  “First Songs for Band”     Preview the first song in the book video titled: Violin Lessons: Apples and Doughnuts

There are more than 50 Titles covering our beginner lesson series. to see more (Instructional Videos for Violin)

Apples and Doughnuts

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