Do you ever question if music lessons are worth It? Does your child love singing, tinkering around on the piano, or pounding on the drum? Have they asked you repeatedly to sign them up for lessons? Music lessons are always worth it when a child is interested in playing an instrument. Learning music online with in home music lessons is a great benefit for children and adults and is a great way to increase happiness, reduce stress, and even raise IQ and learning outcomes. 

Music Lessons In Home or In-Person are Always Worth It, Now and for the Future 

Has your child been asking for lessons on the piano, the guitar, or maybe even the saxophone? If you want to know more about the cost of learning music online – here is a quick breakdown of costs and benefits of music lessons for kids. 

The average cost of Individual music lessons ranges from $25-$50 per half hour; it will vary depending on location and the teacher’s expertise. Depending on the rate, private lessons cost parents $1,000 to $2,000 a year. This may make you wonder, are music lessons really worth it? 

Learning instrumental music makes students stronger academically. Researchers have found connections between music lessons and nearly every measure of academic achievement: SAT scores, high school GPA, reading comprehension, and math skills. Music also improves their powers of recall for powerful learning in all subjects. Watch this informative presentation on the correlation between Instrumental Music and Brain Function HERE.

Here are some short and long term benefits of music lessons to help you decide – 

Math and language skills

Music helps develop math and language skills that give kids an edge in school and life. According to the National Association for Music Education, “Students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. The left side of the brain is better developed with music.”

Instrumental Music Increases Student’s IQ

Numerous studies (including this one in 2004 by E. Glenn Schellenberg) have proven that children’s IQs increase even with a few weeks of music lessons. Brain scan technology reveals that brain activity increases following musical training, and some parts of the brain even grow larger! Watch the YouTube presentation HERE to learn more.

Instrumental Music Teaches Discipline

Your child may be expecting to become a viral sensation overnight – in our society instant gratification is the norm. But in fact, he may have to spend hours even just learning the proper way to hold that violin or trumpet before he can even make a sound. Music lessons and in home music lessons require hours of concentration and patience. Children must persevere even when things aren’t going well – an invaluable skill for all areas of life. One of the most common things I hear from parents is that they regret stopping lessons and wish their parents made them continue. Let’s face it – we are teaching discipline and commitment. Children rely on parents to make these choices when it may seem easy to “Quit.”

Work Ethic

In home music lessons teaches children a good work ethic because they see the value of practice as they improve and reach new achievements. Students will learn how dedication creates excellent results while failing to do all the necessary practice results in mediocre results. These lessons can carry into school studies and future careers. Here is a tip that may help inspire your kid to practice their instrument for in home music lessons – you may consider learning to play alongside your child, especially if you are a parent who regrets giving it up as a child!

In Home Music Lessons with Fundamental Music Instruction are Invaluable 

And you thought they were just learning how to play an instrument! Little did you know that your children will accomplish so many other incredible things too. FMI can help your child, or yourself, learn the invaluable lessons in home music lessons have to offer. And with the wide range of musical instruments you or your child can choose to learn, they only thing left to do is pick the right sound! Learn more about the many benefits of in home music lessons HERE

To find out more about the different musical instruments with in home music lessons, learn more HERE. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, call us at 908-244-4943, or sign up for a free online music lesson HERE! We can’t wait to fill your world with music because, without music, our minds would be quiet.