Many studies discuss the varied benefits of piano playing and learning a musical instrument in general. Did you know that when you’re learning to play the piano during your piano lesson, you are improving several skills that will help you be more successful in other areas of life?

It takes a great deal of concentration to play the piano. There are many details a piano player keeps track of simultaneously. You have to focus on the rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration, and the motor skills needed to coordinate both hands and pedals. Even though you’re doing something you enjoy, this is a multi-level concentration exercise. Fundamental Music Instruction can help you begin your musical journey. FMI offers a complimentary piano lesson to get you started. Schedule your one free music lesson HERE

Playing a Musical Instrument Ignites Fireworks in The Mind

According to TED Lessons on instrumental music study, every time a musician picks up his or her instrument, fireworks are going on in their brains. Playing a musical instrument is perhaps the only activity during which almost all areas of the brain are simultaneously activated. It takes both left and right brain activity to play piano during piano lessons, online or in-person. Of course, to do this, you will need some perseverance. Learning new songs on the piano takes time and effort. Until you can play a song fluently, you’ll probably spend several weeks practicing it. As you look forward to being able to play the song, you learn how to stay motivated. Motivation and perseverance are skills that will always help you when you are confronted with difficult tasks from all areas of life.

Along with perseverance comes its first cousin, patience. It will take a good deal of time to develop the necessary skills to truly master the piano. As with anything challenging, frequent practice is the only true path to conquering the task. Consistent practice requires patience and another cousin, discipline. Through motivation, perseverance, patience, and discipline, you will slowly but surely come to the point that you’re playing will bring sound results.

Musical studies will also lead to enhanced listening skills. These are also incredibly important when you interact with other people. Emotions are expressed by facial expressions and body language and the tone of voice, the speed of speech, and the melody of speech. People who play an instrument are better listeners, and it is not surprising that studies have revealed that musicians are more perceptive in interpreting others’ emotions.

Another benefit to musical practice also stems from how much piano playing stimulates the brain. While you learn and play songs, the stimulated areas of your brain become larger and more active. The areas that are responsible for the storage of audio information, particularly, are more developed in musicians than in non-musicians. Therefore, you have increased memory capacity. 

Learn from a Private or Group Piano Lesson With Fundamental Music Instruction

Many benefits are added to your life when you decide to play the piano. Aside from concentration, brain stimulation, perseverance, patience, discipline, emotional health, enhanced listening skills, and memory comes to the most essential aspect of all… joy. Fundamental Music Instruction offers private and group sessions in an online setting to add some joy to your day. You can schedule a piano lesson when it is most convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home! 

We encourage you to choose a beautiful instrument that speaks to you and begin to learn how to play it. We offer music classes for a wide selection of instruments. Read more about each instrument you can learn how to play with Fundamental Music Instruction, HERE. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], call us at 908-244-4943, or sign up for a free online music lesson HERE! We can’t wait to fill your world with music because, without music, our minds would be quiet.