Instruments are for any age

Instruments are for every age

Are you looking for virtual music lessons? Learning to play an instrument is for any age. One of the most frequent comments I get from parents of young students is, “I wish my parents let me learn to play an instrument, I love music and always wanted to play”

I say, “Why don’t you?”

The reply. “I don’t have time.”

or “I’m too old.”


or “I’m broke.”

But behind these easy excuses generally lies the real deterrent.

1. Get past the fear.

My own mother expressed those same feelings when I was growing up. From my earliest recollections, I had an affinity for music and did all I could to teach myself something, anything. Luckily, my mother found a way to put down her own nagging fears that stop many in their tracks. Such as,  “I feel silly” “I won’t ever get good at this” “What if someone hears me?” “I’m so embarrassed.”

My mother chose to get past these thoughts and decided to learn to play an instrument. Someone offered her a free piano and so she (and I) had access to something to get started with. She got herself a lesson book and began teaching herself before deciding to find a teacher. At the age of six, I would look at her book and began teaching myself to read music and follow the instructions from the book and from listening to her lessons. To me, this seemed natural. My mother was learning to play, and I soaked up her experiences and used them to jump start my own journey.

2. You can do this too!

Had my mother given into the fear of embarrassment or failure, I may never have gotten my early beginnings in learning to play an instrument. Granted, my story is the reverse of the opportunity that is present in many homes. Usually it’s the child who is taking lessons and the parent wishes they could join in.

You can!! At Fundamental Music Instruction, students of any age can learn to play an instrument. There are music lessons at select schools in which students can take music classes right at school (list of schools). The good news is, we also offer online music lessons via zoom or other popular platforms. Online music classes allow you to have flexible scheduling and learn from the comfort of your own home. More importantly, you can sit in with your child’s lesson and learn at the same time! Learn along with your child or monitor the lesson, learn the information, and then practice on your own. Either way, it can be a win-win!

3. The biggest reason students stop playing.

Let’s face it, people are busier now than ever before. We jam pack our children’s schedules with dozens of sport teams and extracurricular programs. There is scouting, art class, robotics, STEM programs and more homework than ever before. Parents are over stretched keeping up with their own busy schedule combined with their children’s packed lives. Is it any wonder the main reason I hear for stopping musical studies is “My child doesn’t practice so this isn’t working for us.” “How to help my Child”

Time management means something different in own modern fast paced world than when we were younger. Studies have shown shorter practice sessions that are consistent work better than longer ones that become sporadic due to all the pressures we face nowadays. more tips

4. Music Lessons are for everyone

Children and parents alike can learn to play an instrument whether alone or as a team by simply finding a time to play for a few moments at a time each day or every couple of days. This can happen because your instrument is out and ready to go, music is open on the piano…. Leave everything set up so as you pass by and have a few moments, you can play a song, practice a technique and then move on with your day. Many children find time to watch TV even in our fast paced world. Choose one show and practice during commercials. Each time commercials come on, play your instrument and when the commercials are finished, go back to the show.

Sometimes its as simple as that. Finding that personal way to learn an instrument will keep the consistency there so this does not become overwhelming.

5. Find the ideal combination.

Today’s world is complete with all the tools to adapt our personal needs to fit more experiences into a shorter time. FMI has a program that allows young students to learn to play an instrument at school and combine this with online music lessons when needed. The ability to “mix and match” allows for a personalized schedule that is flexible enough to fit any unique situation.

Want to play with friends? Great, we have ensembles that perform regularly. Playing at school is becoming difficult with tests, homework, sports, and STEM? No problem, schedule your music lesson online during the weeks that your schedule is too busy to commit to class at school. Want to learn to play an instrument but can’t fit it into your school schedule or even your time after school? Great, take ongoing classes online at the time that fits your needs.

6. Just Play

Using my story as an example, I wanted to learn to play an instrument from my earliest recollection and took advantage of my mother’s personal desire to play. As I got older and branched out to Trombone, practicing the piano became more difficult and less often. I played trombone at school and in a community band, delivered news papers every day and joined scouting.

As my personal schedule filled up, playing piano went from 30 minute practice sessions every day to playing the piano as I passed by and had a few minutes to spare. Surprisingly enough, those shorter practice moments added up and helped me continue to grow as a musician. Had I given into the “I’m just too busy” tendency and looked at the piano as a daily chore instead of an enjoyable  skill to use in the moments that I found to play, I could easily have “given up” and stopped playing all together.

My story could have become –

“I wish my parents didn’t let me quit” or  “I regret stopping because I always wanted to play”. I can say instead “Music has always been a part of my life. Sometimes a passion and sometimes past time, but always a part of my life”

7. Find the Ideal Teacher for Beginner Music Lessons

Fundamental Music Instruction is for everyone! We believe without music, our minds would be quiet. We are excited to offer music lessons at select schools or online. These lessons are for everyone, not only children but adults too. Please find out how our music lessons are making students and parents happy Reviews. No matter how old you are, playing music has tremendous benefits. Schedule your Complimentary music lesson, and learn how beneficial music lessons can be for you or your loved one.

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