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According to investigations compiled by University of Colorado, there have been no reports yet implicating the playing of musical instruments and covid infections.

This makes sense in the case of instruments that are struck, plucked or bowed  (drums, guitars, piano and violins), but instruments like Flute and clarinets require a lot of air to produce a sound.

The same University of Colorado study now advises that although the design of the mouthpiece and instrument tubing constricts the airflow exiting the instrument, playing a wind instrument produces aerosols and droplets in quantities higher than normal breathing or speaking.

Fundamental Music will follow all safety recommendations including mitigation recommendations that were released in late August by Dr. James Weaver, Director of Performing Arts and Sports with the NFHS.  They include using instrument bell covers and face masks, distancing and limited class size.


Safety precaution for students who play a wind instrument

Specially designed masks for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone

  • Custom designed for brass and woodwind performance.
  • Unique flap opens easily for mouthpiece insertion, closes automatically when removed providing enhanced protection as compared to homemade solutions.
  • washable poly-stretch and adjustable elastic ear loops for a more comfortable fit.
  • Will be Paired with our 2-ply MERV13 filter-compatible bell cover for a complete protection solution


  • This bell cover helps to contain aerosols from playing wind instruments.
  • 2-ply 100% polyester with unique pocket for optional polypropylene filter for enhanced protection
  • The cover will fit instruments listed

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