Getting an Instrument

Owning an Instrument Just Got Easier!

Introducing the FMI

Instrument Rental / Purchase Plan 

You will be asked to choose your instrument preference during enrollment – these choices are “Purchase” “Rent” or “Nothing Needed” – you may take advantage of instruments from our program but may also secure an instrument from any source you are comfortable with. We only ask that you avoid sources like Amazon since many bargain instruments on these sites are produced with substandard springs and are unrepairable when something goes wrong.

Own your instrument in less than a year. No interest fees and no financing charges!

(Renting from a music store usually takes 5+ years to own an instrument)

Instruments will be delivered to school or to your home. (A $50 Deposit and 1st payment will be charged to your card within a week of enrollment). 
If you choose to discontinue the program, – *After 5 payments* – simply return the instrument in like new condition. (You are responsible for repair costs if needed)

Please Note: A $50 Deposit and 1st payment will be charged to your card within a week of enrollment. The balance is invoiced monthly.

Instruments Included

10 Payments of $25 6 Payments of $25
Flute Nylon String Acoustic Guitar
Clarinet 61 Key Digital Keyboard
Snare Drum
12 Payments of $25 18 Payments of $38
Trumpet Alto Saxophone

Violins (Cellos) are handled through – “The Violin Doctor”

String Instruments are handled through our suggested dealer “The Violin Doctor”  A new violin is needed each time your child grows and trade ups are available in their program. Also included, specialty repairs that may be needed from time to time.

When you choose this option on your enrollment, A link to the “Violin Doctor” will be sent to you.

Order and Instrument or Accessories Here