Jr. Jam for grades K-2

Music is fundamental to a well-rounded education:

Jr. Jam offers the perfect opportunity for young students to enhance and develop fine motor skills in an educational, sequential curriculum. Students learn the basics of tone production (and control) to begin a wonderful musical journey.

Jr. Jam will give students experience in 3 instruments – Piano, Ukulele and Drums. While this may sound difficult, Jr. Jam has been developed to identify and use motor skills that are easily adaptable between these 3 instruments. Moving between instruments at first, students will see that most instruments begin with large motor skill functions used to produce a sound but then produce a steady, well controlled sound. In this way, a student can begin playing any of the 3 instruments to form a basic ensemble right from the start.

We recognize that moving to finer motor skills happen at different rates for all students so each ensemble piece has 4 levels of piano parts ranging from novice to advanced. Motor skills are common between the instruments in this course so students can have experience with all three instruments. Of course, students may begin to show a preference and will be given opportunity to focus on one or continue to experiment with all 3 as deemed necessary.

A main purpose for encouraging this is the development of rhythmic control. We begin with all students playing quarter notes in unison. Once this is established students will progress to their unique level of skill using the level of music in the curriculum that best suits their needs.Instruments are provided during class so there is nothing to send to school with your child (expect perhaps a lesson book).

There are many materials used in the course – you can preview the Piano / Ukulele Book Here: (also available as separate booklets)  Combined – Supplementary Pieces – Student Booklet

Sample of the Drum Book: Jr. Jam Drum Book

Teachers will also use an ensemble book that they will keep at school (and may choose to supplement with other lesson materials as class develops)

  • Jr. Jam is a specially designed curriculum that focuses on enhancing motor skill functions.
  • Student begin with manageable motor skill tasks that allow for rudimentary ensemble playing from day 1.
  • students may begin to show a preference for a particular instrument and will be given opportunity to focus on one or continue to experiment with all 3 as deemed necessary.
  • Access to all 3 instruments is provided at school – students only need to bring their lesson books on lesson day

(If you would like to have an instrument for at home practice, you may order one using our website or from any source that you are comfortable with. Students in the Jr. Jam class will form an ensemble and either record their accomplishments or perform there songs at school.)

Classes at most schools are schedule at the end of the school day or at a time chosen between the music teacher and the classroom teacher – Classes for schools who schedule after school use a fixed time  with an alternative session during aftercare. (Please consult your school page to know the scheduling chosen for your school : See School List Here