Private Classes Online
Classes Online via Zoom

We recognize that in today’s fast-paced world, it is difficult to comfortably participate in all the programs we want. Pressures on families schedules are often daunting. Students in school may feel overwhelmed with their class load but may still want to take music lessons. We make it easy – no stress!

Flexible Scheduling

For this reason, Fundamental Music has created an Online Music lesson program. The biggest benefit to this will be the flexibility in scheduling. Private music lessons are available 6 days per week, and we will be able to come very close to the best day and time for you.

You can take Online lessons on any instrument and can even take voice.

Music Classes Online will primarily be private lessons (1 student and 1 teacher).  If you request a small group lessons, we will do all we can to pair you with student(s) of similar age and experience. Certainly we can create a small group lesson for you with your friends.


There will be performance opportunities as well. If you attend one of our schools, Online students will be invited to perform on the school concerts. All students will also be invited to perform in our extremely popular “Talent Showcases.” Of course when ready, with our award winning Honors Band in such places as Disney, Hershey, Washington DC………

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