Keep Music Alive Through An Online Music Class 

A fluency was required in the finer points of videoconferencing on Zoom and many other platforms commonly used today. The new terms used in our “New Norm” have become B.Z and A.Z. – Before Zoom and After Zoom. 

Some of our teachers have described their experiences – 

Mrs. Clores, who teaches in Bergen county, has said, “This new way of interacting with the world has required a more organized approach than ever before”. All of our teachers have reported their “teaching tool box” has expanded to not only provide focused attention on playing skills but now includes many websites they share during the lesson to provide enrichment, history, trivia, note reading, and games. This virtual classroom has opened vast new vistas. Teachers have enjoyed bringing instrumental music education to new heights with highly creative, vibrant, interactive tools. 

Mr. Franca, who teaches in Union County, reports, “Students who were struggling in class have truly been able to get it now. I have found that my students are more attentive and engaged, I have been loving it.” 

Mrs. Thompson, a teacher in Sussex and Warren Counties, says, “It’s all about keeping up with a routine. Kids really respond well to a consistent routine”.

Mrs. Bender, teaching in 5 schools each week in Morris and Ocean Counties, has incorporated Google classroom assignments to her lessons and reported students have been able to not only keep up with their playing skills but have learned a great deal about the arts in general. She teaches all the basics and has now enhanced her classes with engaging history videos and interactive exercises.

Our Students Were Thrilled to Virtually Showcase Their Skills and Performances 

Playing in performances is a component of music education that students look forward to and learn from. Fundamental Music Instruction has offered “Talent Showcases,” giving students a sense of community in our current situation. More than 120 students performed throughout 8 Showcases this past spring. These sessions allowed upward of 20 students per session to share their progress in their online music class. 

Mrs. Johnson, a parent of 2 children in the program, sent a thank you note saying, “My kids were so disappointed when they learned their concert was cancelled this year but your practice incentive program and “Talent Showcases” allowed them to grow and learn. They had a blast playing for everyone today. What a Godsend!”

Students have the Opportunity to Learn Music in a Variety of Settings 

As schools plan to reopen, guidelines from the state and local authorities have required that instrumental music classes continue with their online schedule. A whole host of opportunities have been put in place to ensure all students have an opportunity to begin or continue an instrument. Students will have a choice between small group classes or individual sessions for even more focused attention during their online music class. The opportunity to mix and match these is available in a Hybrid setting. Students can take small group classes and add individual sessions as desired. 

Teachers have made themselves available for “Extra Help Office Hours.” Students can attend these sessions for a few minutes of guidance needed to support concepts introduced in their regular online music class. With so many talented teachers, Fundamental Music Instruction will be running a “Master Class” series to allows students to understand different perspectives from our specialists. All in all, the benefits of moving our sessions online are surprising and effective. 

Learn More About Every Online Music Class Available at Fundamental Music Instruction 

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