Music Lessons Online

Did you know that you can learn how to play an instrument with music lessons online? Because of current living conditions, Fundamental Music Instruction has made the transition from in-person music lessons to online music lessons, or a hybrid of both, with surprising results. We believe you will enjoy learning how to play music online so much we offer a complimentary music lesson to get you started! We encourage you to check out our available online music lessons (Trial Lesson).

Making the Most of Your Music Lessons Online with Fundamental Music Instruction 

To get the most out of your music lessons online, here are some suggestions of what you’ll want to have handy. The first two are imperative. The rest are optional. 

High-Speed Internet

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to be taking an online music lesson and have your screen continually freeze as you’re trying to get through a song. It’s even worse when you can’t connect, or when your call continuously gets dropped. Do a test call with someone before a lesson to make sure you have adequate reception. Try a speed test website like to see if the speed of your internet is over 25. Consider using an Ethernet cable from your router. 

A Video Calling Platform

I recommend downloading Zoom because it has full-duplex audio, which means that both you and your teacher can be talking at the same time without the sound cutting out. It has several great features, like screen and file sharing, meeting scheduling, and video recording. But you can get a great lesson with other platforms, like Skype or FaceTime! Plan to test the device you use to position it just right. You want to be able to see your teacher and have your teacher see you. I recommend using a Laptop or computer. You can get away with a tablet if it can be positioned well. If you plan to use a cell phone, please plan on getting an inexpensive tripod (perhaps from Amazon). 

A Music Playing Device Separate From the Device the Call is On 

Because of lag issues, your teacher can’t accompany you on an instrument during an online lesson. Your teacher can certainly demonstrate for you, but won’t be able to play at the same time as you. If you plan to play a cappella (that is, without accompaniment), you won’t need this one. If you want to play with a backing track, it’s a good idea to have a music playing device. Any smartphone will work well because you can connect to the My Music Staff site to access the backing tracks that accompany most songs that we will use. It’s best if the music playing device isn’t the one you’re making the call from because otherwise you’ll end up with some sound issues. 

A Speaker

If you’re playing to a backing track, it’s even better to have a speaker that connects to your music playing device. Since you will most likely play louder than the phone, you might drown out your smartphone speaker and not be able to hear it that well (some people have a Bluetooth speaker set up for music playing).

A Quiet Room in a Common Area of the House

A quiet area is vital for concentration but please consider a space that is not so private that parents can’t easily monitor the lesson. 

A Music Stand

Other than piano, a music stand will help you play your instrument in the correct position. 

Fundamental Music Instruction is Happy to Work with Children and Adults Wanting to Learn Music 

Fundamental Music Instruction is for everyone! We believe without music, our minds would be quiet – we are excited to offer online music lessons for everyone, children to adults. No matter how old you are, playing music has tremendous benefits. Schedule your free online music lesson (Trial Lesson), and learn how beneficial music lessons can be for you or your loved one. 

Fundamental Music Instruction offers lessons for violin, clarinet, piano, guitar, and so much more! Learn more about the wide variety of online music classes available through Fundamental Music Instruction (FMI Courses). Please do not hesitate to contact us at, call us at 908-244-4943, or Contact US! We can’t wait to fill your world with music with our valuable music lessons online.