Instrument Classes

We often have parents say to us, “I am not a musician, I have no idea how to help”. Even if you are not a musician, you should still be able to hear small improvements in your child’s playing. If you don’t, try to be encouraging. Playing an instrument takes a long time to truly master, and often it seems like you are at the bottom of the mountain and are looking up. With Fundamental Music Instruction, we work alongside you, even online, to learn how to play beautifully during instrument classes. 

Support and Encourage a Child when Learning to Play an Instrument Online

Learning a new instrument takes time, dedication, and practice. Parents are the encouraging forces behind a child learning an instrument. Fundamental Music Instruction works closely with parents to ensure their child feels supported and successful during their instrument classes. Learn more about the fabulous staff at FMI that teach instrumental classes and help musicians find their sound. 

Read the tips below to better support a new musician during instrument classes – 

– Talk to the teacher about how you can support your child with their practice. Even if you have taken lessons in the past, remember that teaching methods have changed. Find out the approach to music reading and technique that your child’s teacher uses. If lessons are online, consider sitting in on a lesson and learn along with your child (some children may not be open to this, but some are). Taking an interest in what your child is learning during instrumental classes can have significant effects. 

– There should be a harmonious triangle of communication between your child, the teacher, and you. You should feel that you can communicate with your child’s teacher, and the teacher should be able to talk to you.

– Our entire philosophy is based on taking small steps, and with each step, a student can feel what it is like to be a musician. Playing only a few notes at the beginning is best. These notes can still be musically phrased, have a pleasing tone, and exhibit a sense of timing. These basics are paramount to musicality, and whether a student plays three-note songs or 12 note songs, musicality is key to success.

– Learning an instrument is hard work, and practice at times can be tedious. While music should be fun, learning something new, whether it is a new instrument or a new piece of music with increased technical demands, can provide some challenges. While these challenges may be brief, you should encourage your child to persevere through them. Any new skill takes time – learning to do a layup in basketball takes countless repetitions before the correct form becomes effortless. Music works this same way. After countless repetitions using the correct form can playing an instrument become more effortless.

– There are so many demands on a child’s time – schoolwork, other activities, and spending time with friends. Building that time management skill is more challenging than ever. Short but consistent practice will do more than requiring large blocks of time. We live in a multitasking world, so making time requires a bit more creativity.

– When your child is practicing, you should hear lots of small fragments of music repeated lots of times. Practicing an instrument does not always sound pleasing; it requires patience and tolerance while a child learns how to get a good sound from their instrument or tries to learn a tricky couple of bars. A child should not be playing a piece all the way through without stopping or correcting any mistakes. There are many benefits to practicing effectively. Watch this informative presentation on the positive effects on the brain when you practice “How to Practice Effectively.”

It’s Rewarding to Learn Instrument Classes Online with Fundamental Music Instruction 

While learning an instrument requires hard work, it is rewarding and teaches children much more than being able to play their instrument. However, don’t let the discipline of learning to play an instrument get in the way of the joy of making music. Did you know learning an instrument with instrument classes can increase happiness and decrease stress? There are incredible benefits to learning an instrument online, even improving IQ and learning outcomes. 

There is something for everyone to love at Fundamental Music Instruction! We offer flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, piano, drums, and violin. Not sure what instrument to start with? Schedule a complimentary online lesson HERE to see what you like. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, call us at 908-244-4943, or sign up for the free online music lesson HERE! We can’t wait to fill your world with music because, without music, our minds would be quiet.