Drums have been a part of human society since the beginning of humankind. From rhythmically hitting natural objects to produce a musical sound has evolved to a sophisticated, popular, and entertaining instrument. As one of the rhythm section’s essential instruments, this percussion instrument is essential across all music genres. Just as the instrument is essential, learning to play the drums is for anyone, of any age, who is wanting to learn how to play a beat and make powerful music. Did you know we offer a complimentary drum lesson? Learn more HERE.

The Evolution of the Drum Instrument

Drums have an ancient history. Villages in Africa and India used drums to communicate from long distances. The modern shape of the drum was crafted in the early 1900s. At this time, drumming became more of an artistic art of playing rather than just drumming a beat. Brushes were created in the 1920s to produce a softer drum sound and make a difference in how drums were played. Today, drummers now showcase their skills across a wide variety of genres. Bands worldwide are even famous for not only their singers or songs but also for their drummer’s style. The art of drumming has come a long way since its’ primitive beginnings. Now we watch individuals as young as toddlers wail on drums and make fantastic music.

Drummers Not Only Create Amazing Sound but Get a Serious Workout

Did you know drumming can burn just as many calories as cycling, weight lifting, or hiking? Drumming requires all four limbs of the body to play, allowing for a very intense workout. Playing drums can even lower stress hormones. A drummer becomes skilled in limb independence, hand-eye coordination, and develops a good sense of rhythm with drum lessons. Drums are a remarkable instrument for anyone to begin learning. If you or your child have a lot of energy, like to keep a beat and enjoy the sounds of the deep tones and crash of the cymbals, drums may be the instrument for you. Consider scheduling a complimentary drum lesson HERE.

Start Learning Drums Today with Drum Lessons with Fundamental Music Instruction 

If you would like to learn more about drum lessons and start your drummer journey, please set up a complimentary lesson HERE. No matter what your drumming skill level is, Fundamental Music Instruction can help you master this powerful instrument. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@fundamentalmusicinstruction.com, call us at 908-244-4943, or contact us HERE! We believe without music, our minds would be quiet, and we are thrilled to offer online music lessons for everyone, anywhere.

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