During this pandemic, our “New Normal” is pushing us to learn in different and creative ways that we may not have experienced before. We are learning how to incorporate the benefits of online music classes into a supportive system that gives you options. The benefits of learning music, online or in-person, are impressive and may surprise you. Learn more about the advantages of learning music online and read our previous blog, “The Benefits of Learning Music Online with Fundamental Music Instruction”. 

Learning music online can bring possible drawbacks and disadvantages. I want to discuss possible solutions for these drawbacks and offer assistance to make learning music online a successful choice for you or your child. Fundamental Music Instruction offers unique benefits to online music classes. No matter where you are or who you are, you can learn to play a musical instrument with our convenient online music lessons.

Fundamental Music Instruction Brings Solutions to Possible Drawbacks of Online Music Classes

Online lessons make physical guidance more difficult. Beginners who are just getting the hang of playing an instrument often have poor form and may handle their instrument awkwardly or ineffectively. While it’s usually easy for an instructor to manually correct these posture and technique issues in person, it’s much more challenging when they can’t physically demonstrate the change.

Solution: Using a device that is large enough (like a larger tablet – Laptop or computer) will help the interaction between teacher and student. The clearer a student can see the teacher’s hand positioning or embouchure formation, the quicker the concept will be adapted by the student. Learning to position any device used will be half the battle. Your teacher can address this in the first few lessons. Since a teacher can not see the set up you are using, it will take some general questions and suggestions to get the maximum benefit – but this is possible to do easily and quickly!

Online lessons require a strong internet connection. While a lack of WiFi is rarely an issue in this day and age, it’s worth pointing out that if your home internet is usually slow or has a poor connection, you could find yourself dealing with bad video quality and transmission delays.

Solution: Before getting started, use a site such as FAST.COM to check your WiFi speed. Many older Routers come in at 9 or 10, while a router update will bring this to 100 or more. It is best to have a connection speed over 12 to ensure video quality is high and lag time is low. Before your lesson, make sure you do not have many sites open and running in the background – this affects how your device utilizes your camera. Last, turn off other devices in your home that are drawing off the router will help (if they are not in use at the time of your lesson and quickly turned back on when needed).

Socialization and the fun of lessons with your friends are more difficult. Many parents enroll their child in classes for two reasons – Learning an instrument is significant (not to mention fun), and taking classes with friends is another way to enhance social skills.

Solution: All in all, there are benefits and disadvantages to anything you do. The key is to enhance the benefits and solve the drawbacks creatively. Keeping an open mind to allow the class to develop in a positive direction is the most important thing. We all know that playing an instrument has many, many rewards. Some of those are the fun of playing in ensembles and taking classes with friends. This is still available in our online setting. Classes are offered in small groups and can be scheduled to include your friends. We also offer individual classes for students who prefer the one on one style of learning. The benefit of this is the option for Hybrid Scheduling. Small-Group Classes with a few Individual Sessions as needed. Many students enjoyed performing in our “Talent Showcases,” which allowed for some interaction. Many students even teamed up and performed together!

Fundamental Music Instruction is for Everyone No Matter Where You Are or Who You Are

Fundamental Music Instruction is for everyone! Mr. Kelly, directing administrator of FMI, has 40 years of experience as a music educator with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in music performance and music education. He and his team of experienced musicians are excited to help others learn music online. Learn more about the wonderful FMI teachers (About our Teachers).

Fundamental Music Instruction offers a wide variety of instruments to learn music online, read about the available music classes (Trial Lesson). Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], call us at 908-244-4943, or sign up for a free online music lesson (Trial Lesson)! We can’t wait to fill your world with music because, without music, our minds would be quiet.