Beginner Music Lessons

Your child has started learning an instrument! You are paying out large sums of money for your child to learn that instrument, not to mention the cost of buying or renting the instrument. However, for your child to progress and make the best use of their instrumental lessons, they need to be regularly practicing between their lessons. How do you encourage your child to practice their chosen instrument for beginner music lessons?

Fundamental Music Instruction can successfully assist new learners in their beginner music lessons. We offer instructional videos on our website that teach beginner students how to set up instruments correctly and beginner positioning tips. Watch our instructional video HERE to learn more! 

Helping Your New Musician During Their Beginner Music Lessons 

Do not Simply “Flip a Switch”

Begin by helping your child find regular slots in the week when they can practice their instrument. Young children need assistance because time management does not come naturally. Practicing is like any other skill; it takes time to build up stamina and create habits – you cannot simply “flip a switch.” Many parent/child dynamics can either improve or become tense during this process. Finding creative ways to encourage time management skills can enhance this dynamic if you let go of the old model that a student needs to sit in their room for 30 minutes every day to practice. If you aim for three to four short sessions a week initially, this will be more manageable. Shorter, consistent practice is much more valuable than longer, tedious sessions.

TV Show Technique

If your child watches TV during the week and the shows include commercials, ask your child to choose one show. During this show, have the instrument set up and ready. When the commercials come on, ask your child to practice. When the commercials finish, go back to watching the show. Repeat this process on each set of commercials. In this way, it may become a bit easier to build that habit. After a while, practice will become a part of the daily routine.

Students need to practice somewhere where it is warm and well lit. Some children need to feel like they are not on their own while practicing, so keep a door open so they can still feel like they are not shut away.

The Right Tool for the Job

“The Right Tool for the Right Job” is an old craftsman’s phrase. This refers to how much smoother a task will go if your tools are in good condition and designed for the task. Using a sledgehammer to drive a nail may not work out as planned. Ensure your child’s instrument is the right size for them, is set up correctly, and is well maintained. Ask their teacher for advice on setting up their instrument and if it is the right size for them. Watch the instructional videos on our website HERE to help learn to set up correctly and beginning tips for positioning.

A common mistake is to look for an instrument off the internet. Often these are “knock off” instruments and are not designed for success. Please ask for advice from your teacher before investing in an instrument that will not serve the purpose. Like the sledgehammer, this would be more like trying to drive that nail in with a plastic hammer.

Begin Learning an Instrument with Fundamental Music Instruction

To learn more about the beginner music lessons offered by Fundamental Music Instruction, visit us HERE and find out how you can set up a free music lesson! Fundamental Music Instruction is for everyone, and with over 200 years of combined music instruction, you are in great hands during beginner music lessons. Mr. Kelly, directing administrator of FMI, has 40 years of experience as a music educator with undergraduate and postgraduate studies in music performance and music education. He and his team of experienced musicians are excited to help others learn music online. Learn more about the incredible FMI teachers HERE.

Fundamental Music Instruction offers a wide variety of instruments to learn music online, read about the available music lessons HERE. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], call us at 908-244-4943, or sign up for a free online music lesson HERE! We can’t wait to fill your world with music because, without music, our minds would be quiet.