Do you love the way a violin sounds? Have you wanted to learn a new instrument and love the way a violin plays?? Learning how to play the violin is such an enriching journey. A novice violin player develops many techniques during violin lessons before mastering the feel of playing violin. When searching for a “violin lesson near me,”  be sure you look for an experienced violinist.  It is so important that violin lessons correctly instruct on proper posture, hand placement, and knowledge of the instrument so you can master fundamentals on your journey, transitioning from off-pitch notes to melodic sound. 

At Fundamental Music Instruction, we guarantee our students learn from professional and experienced teachers so that they learn correctly. Our master teachers offer violin lessons online for adults and children. Anyone, any age, anywhere, has the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments online. Not only do we offer online violin lessons, but we also have very talented music teachers that instruct piano, guitar, trombone, drum lessons, and many more. Did you know the music teachers at Fundamental Music Instruction have over 200 years of combined music experience? Learn more about our incredibly talented teachers HERE.

Studying the Different Sounds and Parts of a Violin For Violin Lessons

Learning any musical instrument is a rewarding journey that takes time and dedication. getting to It’s not just playing, it is learning about the instrument’s unique sounds and parts – this is is crucial when beginning to play the violin. 

Did you know that the violin is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the string family? Musicians have played the modern style violin for over 500 years. Violins are very complex instruments, and with over 70 different pieces of wood making up the violin, there are many various parts to this instrument. The violin bow even contains over 150 hairs!

Some of the parts to a violin are – 

  • Scroll
  • Tuning pegs and pegbox
  • Neck
  • Fingerboard
  • Strings
  • Bridge
  • Chin Rest

The bow is another essential component to playing the violin, and you can’t play the violin without one. A violin bow consists of four parts – the stick, the hair, the screw, and the frog. The bow hair is usually made from genuine horsehair. The hair needs to be appropriately tightened to produce the violin’s beautiful sound. 

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