You can give the merriest Christmas gift ever without long shopping lines or long shopping lists. Fundamental Music Instruction has the perfect gift of love, joy, and peace for every member of your family!  What present can do all of that?  The gift of playing a musical instrument! FMI is offering a music class Merry Musical Christmas special that is great for the whole family to enjoy, and the gift gives benefits all year round.

It’s been a tough year for so many.  Our children have suffered as a result, so we are offering a safe, convenient, and effective way to help your children thrive, or to give a gift to anyone else in your family who needs some peace and joy. Did you know that research PROVES that playing a musical instrument increases happiness levels, decreases stress, and improves cognitive functioning for all ages?  Children who learn to play musical instruments actually improve in school!

Make it a Merry Musical Christmas!

Music Class, Fundamental Music Instruction

To learn more about our special offer to give the gift of music class to a special someone, please visit us HERE. The gift of music is the perfect present for family and friends of any age, and the joy of musical instruction continues long after the holiday season ends! Whether a beginning or skilled musician, playing a musical instrument has so many benefits. The scientifically-proven benefits of playing a musical instrument include helping children do better in school, enhances cognitive functioning for adults, decrease stress, and increases happiness levels. Who doesn’t want these gifts?

We offer a safe, effective, and convenient online learning platform, a choice of ten instruments, and several music class Merry Musical Gift Packages:

1- Try It, You’ll Like It – includes 3 months (12 lessons) for just $130.00/month (billed monthly)
2 – Now We’re Talking – includes 6 months (24 lessons) for just $120.00/month (billed monthly)
3 – You Want to be a Pro? – includes 12 months (52 lessons) for just $115.00/month (billed monthly)
*Discounts available for group lessons of 2 or more students.

Order Your Merry Musical Gifts That Last All Year!

Are you worried that virtual music instruction is too difficult?  Many people have asked, but those who have moved forward are very positive about the outcomes, and don’t believe anything is lost.  Here is what one parent said:

“I truly cannot say enough good things about Fundamental Music Instruction.  When the pandemic hit last March, they were quick to adapt and did all they could to keep students engaged and performing via virtual platforms.  Their dedication to their students is very obvious and it’s clear they truly love what they do… Nothing is lost going virtual!”

Give the Gift of Music Class so Friends and Family Can Experience Joy and Peace All Year!

Fundamental Music Instruction helps children and adults begin their musical journey or grow musical skills at any level with music classes for children and adults.  The benefits truly are remarkable. Please feel free to reach out if you have additional questions about our music classes.  You can call me at (908) 244-4943 or e-mail me at [email protected]

Ed Kelly
Fundamental Music Instruction

P.S.  Can you help us make it a Merry Musical Christmas for orphans right here in the United States?  We have launched a non-profit organization called All Kids Need Music.  This year, we want to give the gift of music to children who have been abused, neglected, and whose parental rights are severed.  These precious children, orphans right here in the U.S.,  are hoping someone will remember them this holiday season.   Please help if you can help, and thank you for your generosity!

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