It’s Giving Tuesday!  All Kids Need Music, a non-proft organization, is on a mission to give at-risk and underprivileged children the opportunity to learn music with online music lessons. For children in difficult circumstances, whether it is living in foster care, near or below the poverty level, or attending distressed schools, music has powerful impacts.

Did you know that right in our own backyards there are orphans that need your help?   After suffering abuse and neglect, they now live in foster homes, group homes, and shelters.  They move an average of three to four times a year, so the stability of school, teachers and friends are lost. Without stability, and with the added impact of COVID isolation, these children are at high risk for mental health disorders, depression, and even suicide. 

Foster Children

According to the CDC, 1 in 9 children have reported harming themselves this year by:

  • cutting
  • burning
  • pinching 
  • and yes, even attempting suicide. 

And this data is not about foster children.  Just think of how the risks are magnified!

But, you can change that.  You can give them a gift of hope and peace that can last all year – something that stays with them no matter where they are and positively impacts their future.

What gift can possibly do that??

It’s the gift of learning to play music! 

Learning to play a musical instrument with online music lessons has so many benefits. Scientifically proven benefits of playing a musical instrument include:

     -improves educational outcomes

     -decreases stress

     -increases happiness levels

What orphaned child in foster care would not benefit from the gift of music?

Click to Help Change an Orphan’s Life!

Please share the gift of music with the most vulnerable children in our own backyards.   At All Kids Need Music, we offer a safe, effective online learning platform, a choice of ten instruments that we provide, and several gift levels you can choose from. Please be as generous as you can in helping to bring hope and peace to precious U.S. orphans!

Foster Children

Life Changing Gift Packages

1- The Gift of Hope – includes 3 months (12 lessons) for just $160.00/month (billed monthly)

2 – The Gift of Joy – includes 6 months (24 lessons) for just $150.00/month (billed monthly)

3 – The Gift of Peace – includes 12 months (52 lessons) for just $140.00/month (billed monthly)

4 – The Gift of Love – your most generous gift of any amount

Click to Help Change an Orphan’s Life!

Thank you for your compassion,

Ed Kelly

All Kids Need Music

P.S.  All Kids Need Music is an IRS Registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Your generous gift is tax deductible.

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