Taking trombone lessons is a great choice. Did you know the trombone’s register sits closely within the range of the human voice? Some of the most beautiful harmonies are heard in trombone sections from marching bands to orchestra and jazz band, from concert band to zydeco, Cajun rock, and pop.

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The Trombone is an Incredibly Unique and Interesting Instrument 

The trombone is an extremely versatile instrument that requires controlled breathing, which leads to increased lung capacity. Playing an instrument, especially trombone, is helpful for people with breathing issues, but anyone will benefit from the increased breathing capacity that comes from disciplined practice.

Read about the very cool history of the trombone below – 

  • The name came from drawing swords. Before the 18th century, the trombone was called the Sackbut, from the French “saqueboute” which refers to the draw out of a sword from its scabbard (this is probably due to the trombone slide).
  • In modern times the trombone translates to “Large Trumpet.” In German, the trombone is called the “Posaune” which originally meant trumpet. This relationship is likely due to brass instruments like trombone and trumpet sharing a common ancestor.
  • Although the trombone was used in Europe’s royal courts and military bands, during the 18th century, the trombone was considered a sacred instrument. 
  • Since trombones have a range similar to the human voice, it produces some of the most beautiful harmonies, and composers began using it in religious settings. 
  • Once the trombone began to be used outside the church, composers, like Beethoven, wrote it into symphonies such as Symphonies #5, 6, and 9. This laid the groundwork for the trombone to become a staple instrument of orchestras in the 19th and 20th centuries. Of course, once the Jazz idiom came into being, the trombone was recognized as an indispensable member of ensembles of every size.

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