The guitar has an incredibly long history. The development of the modern guitar is a cumulative series of improvements based on musicians’ insights over the past 200+ years. The instrument itself benefited from the wisdom of brilliant musicians over the years. Still, the techniques of playing have developed and influenced such notable composers and performers from the 18th century, like master teacher and performer Ferdinand Sor to modern performers like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Luckily, the innovation has been passed down through time. All of the techniques developed by countless master teachers are a legacy that you can tap into by studying with someone who has learned the secrets of musicianship on the guitar. These talented performers and teachers are ready to keep the legacy alive through a weekly guitar lesson with you.

Practicing and Preparing for Your Guitar Lesson is Essential to the Journey

If you have ever tried to play guitar, you know that the basic technique is not easy at first. Playing guitar takes a certain level of dexterity and fine motor skill that will take diligent practice to master playing. The key is to avoid the most common errors that will impede progress and lead to frustration. 

Bad habits are easy to develop and, once learned, almost impossible to break. Having a good teacher will help you master to build the strength, dexterity, and flexibility you need to play beautifully.

Consistent Practice 

Consistent practice is vital, but even more critical is consistently practicing proper technique. There are so many sources out there filled with quick and easy was to start playing, and on the face of it, it is mostly true. One thing is absolute in making sense of all this information – learning from a teacher who has “been there” themselves. A student has a lot to gain from a teacher who has struggled through learning all the basics and plays with a sense of ease musically. This teacher can share the techniques and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Weekly Guitar Lesson

Weekly lessons tend to help people develop steady to practice habits. When it’s just you on your own, maybe you’ll practice today. Perhaps you’ll skip a day, or 2, or 3. Who’s going to care other than you? This is how people tend to drift when they don’t have that weekly appointment reminding them to work hard and practice to get better. Those skipped days turn into missed weeks or months, and pretty soon, the momentum is lost. Worst of all, you may become further discouraged from starting up again because of these setbacks. By signing up for guitar classes, you are making a clear commitment that will go a long way to keeping you from falling off track. You are also specifically enlisting another person (your guitar instructor) to care about and actively monitor your progress. 

A Good Guitar Teacher 

A good guitar instructor should be as invested in your progress as you are. Aside from the practice habits, you develop with weekly sessions, a good guitar teacher will help you learn many other important details that go into musicianship. Musical literacy or reading, a good sense of internal pulse, a strong rhythmic foundation, hand positioning, and the best musical drills to practice are essential aspects. Sometimes, these are best developed with the assistance of a teacher. Having the guidance to gain these skills will make your experience much more enjoyable and ward off frustration.

Having a good guitar teacher will ensure that you are introduced to the many nuances of musicianship and guitar techniques that come from experience. Relying on a teacher who has mastered these nuances will make your path smoother than groping through in the dark.

Make the Commitment with Fundamental Music Instruction to Learn How to Play the Guitar 

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