The flute is one of the most popular instruments in the band. It has a beautiful mellow tone and is a melody instrument. It is also the highest-pitched instrument in the band. Producing a tone on the flute is similar to blowing across the top of a bottle. Once you can make that sound, simply use the keys to change the notes. The flute isn’t hard to learn, but like all the instruments, it just takes some practice. If you are interested in learning the flute lessons for beginners, Fundamental Music Instruction offers several class types, including classes at select schools and flute lessons online. 

Making Your First Sound

When learning the flute during flute music lessons, knowing about the anatomy of the instrument is crucial. Students should become familiarized with each part of their instrument. 

Starting at the Headjoint first, please read below for the parts of the flute- 

Flute Music Lessons

Now, students learn how to make a sound on the mouthpiece: 

Take the headjoint off the flute for this step. Finding the best, most effective embouchure (shape of your mouth) on the flute can be tricky at first, but with a little experimentation, you will be making a sound in no time. 

When playing the flute, we do not blow the air directly inside the mouthpiece, as we would do with a recorder or a whistle, but instead, we are directing the airstream over the top of the embouchure hole. Perhaps in the past, you have made a sound by blowing over the top of a bottle – it is the same principle. 

The stream of air used to create a sound on the flute should be produced from an embouchure approximately the size of a stirring straw from a cup of iced tea. Imagine that someone has placed a stirring straw between your lips – this loosely indicates the size of the airstream.  

At first, try this with the headjoint only- 

1. Press your lips lightly together. Roll the lips inward slightly so that there is little to no pink showing (depending on the size of your lips. Imagine a woman who is pressing her lipstick between her lips. 

2. Place the embouchure hole completely against your lips so that you can feel the full circle around your mouth (half on the top and half on the bottom).  

Flute Music Lessons

3. Unroll. Roll the flute away from your lips approximately 90 degrees so that the embouchure hole is now level with the ceiling, but you can still feel the bottom ridge of this hole pressing on the red of your bottom lip.  

4. “Spit out a watermelon seed!” Imagine you have a small seed to spit out – this may assist you in finding a good embouchure shape. If you achieve a sound using this method, try adding a stream of air after your initial “spit.” 

Flute Music Lessons

Blow across the hole as if you were saying “tuuuuu” (remember the watermelon seed) and adjust the angle until you get a sound. It’s perfectly natural for this to take some time to experiment and adjust. If you get light-headed, that’s normal too. Take a break, and then try again.  

What if That Didn’t work?

• Try it again several times and try to move the embouchure hole to the left or right, depending on where your strongest stream of air is coming out. It’s perfectly natural for this to take some experimentation and adjustment.

• Have a look in the mirror as you attempt to make a sound. Closely observe the position of the embouchure hole against your lips, and try to troubleshoot. You may notice a small pattern of condensation appear on the mouthpiece. If you can create a triangular shape with this, you are almost certainly doing well.

See below for the alternate covering of the end of the Headjoint with your right palm-  

See below how to play without covering the end of the Headjoint-  

Once you make a sound, practice this until you can sustain a smooth, unchanging sound for 5-10 seconds. Practice changing your air speed and the size of your embouchure opening (called the aperture) to create different notes, like a bugle player. Practice this until you can control it.

Fundamental Music Instruction Offers flute lessons for beginners of All Ages 

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