Band students learn instrument like trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trombone, or drums. But, did you know many band programs now include piano and guitar? Piano and guitar are both incredible instruments that form the base for a lot of music. Students can utilize these instruments in different ways to enhance or improve school ensembles. Piano or guitar are excellent primary instruments but can easily be learned with another band instrument. Students who are learning a band instrument find it easy to “double” and learn to play guitar or piano  with Fundamental Music Instruction. Learning how to play these instruments has impressive benefits, even helping students perform better in school and receive better grades!  Visit us HERE to learn more about Fundamental Music Instruction and the instruments we have to offer for online music lessons. 

Piano and Guitar Share the Same Notes as Other Instruments

All instruments share the same notes, so learning to play the guitar and piano can enhance note reading. You can learn all the same musical techniques as band and orchestra instruments. Playing the guitar or piano is easy to play along with the same music that the band or orchestra instrument plays. Music is a universal language.

One notable difference is that getting that initial sound is easier on guitar and piano. A piano requires no special technique to get a perfect sound out of a note. Guitar and piano require finger placement and motor skills, while Woodwind and Brass require breathing control and finger skills. Beginning on a band instrument and “doubling” on guitar or piano provides well rounded musical experience!

Music Theory is an Important Part of Learning

Another difference between band instruments is that piano and guitar allow students to play chords. This is something that cannot be done by one person playing a band or orchestra instrument. One needs the entire group in a school band or orchestra to form the chord structures. Using a guitar or piano teaches chord structure and opens to door to learning the basics of music theory. This can be hard to grasp when only playing single notes on a wind instrument. Many students who play a Woodwind or Brass instrument enjoy adding guitar or piano to enjoy the chordal aspect, this is a great reason to try learning with a guitar lesson or piano lesson online.

Learning to Play with Online Guitar Lessons and Online Piano Lessons are New Experiences

Band students often ask, “what is the easiest instrument to learn?” There really is no answer to this question because every instrument has its unique challenge to master. It becomes a matter of what tone quality speaks to the individual. All instruments open a variety of musical genres to play, so it is a natural step to include Piano and Guitar in our instrument ensembles. Certainly, a consideration is to play an instrument long enough to gain some mastery with it and then branch out into new experiences. Not necessarily to stop playing the first instrument, but rather, to “double” on instruments offering a diverse musical experience.

There is a wide range of experiences gained from participating in an ensemble. Traditional band instruments offer the opportunity for “team” efforts to form tone colors and chordal sounds and melodies. With guitar and piano, you may be playing the melody, the chords, and a bass part all at once. It takes lots of concentration and effort to learn and play the piano or guitar.

Piano and guitar are essentially limitless in terms of application. If you listen to any radio station, for the most part, you will hear either a piano or a guitar or both in most songs. The exciting thing is that it is not just one style or genre of music; these two instruments can be used for any style. This is why we offer these instruments in our band program.

Learn More About Taking a Guitar Lesson Online or Piano Lesson Online with Fundamental Music Instruction 

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