Mr. Franca teaches many instruments. Band directors are called upon to teach up to 14 instruments in the course of an instrumental music program. Teachers learn that there is a process to learning each of these and easily bring students to advanced levels. Most teachers have a family of instruments that is second nature to them. This is  because they learned this instrument from childhood. For Mr. Franca this is the woodwind family of instruments. He is an incredible Flute teacher and has helped hundreds of students learn to play flute as well as clarinet and saxophone. His students excel under his tutelage!

Learn to play Flute, or any of the 14 instruments offered by FMI

Music teachers make a huge difference when students are learning to play an instrument. Not only in music school, but music teachers still make an incredible impact on students learning music lessons online. Fundamental Music Instruction is proud to have dedicated, creative teachers who are professional performers. These amazing teachers have education degrees and many years of teaching experience ready to share with students of all ages. Learn to play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, piano, guitar, violin or cello.

Every music teacher with Fundamental Music Instruction has much to offer their music students. You can learn a little more about each teacher HERE. We will introduce more of our great teachers in future blogs HERE and continue to check back to learn more about our teachers and their exciting musical backgrounds.

Mr. Brian Franca Joined Fundamental Music Instruction Over a Decade Ago! 

Mr. Brian Franca is one of Fundamental Music Instruction’s inspiring teachers. Mr. Franca is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. He holds a degree in professional music and an instructional certificate (Music K-12) in New Jersey. He has also studied Music Education and Dalcroze Eurhythmics at New York University.

Mr. Franca’s main instrument is the tenor saxophone, but he has also studied most woodwind instruments and trumpet, trombone, guitar, and percussion. Since he was nineteen, Mr. Franca has performed club dates and weddings in the NY / NJ area and continues to perform as a free-lance musician with many local bands. He has studied with many well-known artists such as Frank Foster, Yusef Lateef, Eddie Daniels, Andy McGhee, Jazzmobile, Barry Harris, and the late Lenny Tristano. 

Mr. Franca has an exemplary history as an educator. He began teaching as a member of the faculty of Future Musicians Inc. in NJ and has served as chairperson of the All-State Symphonic bands and conductor for Symphonic and Honors bands. He joined the faculty at Fundamental Music Instruction 12 years ago and is an extremely popular, professional educator for students from several music schools and music lessons online. In addition to this, Mr. Franca teaches music school in the classrooms for St. Michaels school in Cranford, NJ.

Learn woodwind instruments From Great Musicians at Fundamental Music Instruction 

If you are looking for music lessons online, Mr. Franca or any of our 15 music teachers will be happy to provide a complimentary online music lesson for you to meet teachers like Mr. Franca. Visit us HERE to schedule your free lesson and learn to play flute or one of the many instruments Fundamental Music Instruction offers for music lessons online. 

Fundamental Music Instruction at school or online lessons have countless rewards and benefits. We encourage you to choose a beautiful instrument that speaks to you and begin to learn how to play it. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], call us at 908-244-4943, or sign up for a free online music lesson HERE! We can’t wait to fill your world with music because, without music, our minds would be quiet. 

Read more about different kinds of instruments, what to expect during online music lessons, and helpful tips from master musicians that help students better play the instrument they love, all available on the Fundamental Music Instruction blog. Visit our blog HERE. We are excited to share our knowledge with growing musicians on their musical journeys.